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What is your motivation? Self Love vs Self Resentment

I have to tell you this subject hits really close to home. Most of my life until a couple of years ago I was motivated by aiming for perfection. I have lived my life in frustration because no matter how hard I tried, or what I achieved I still did not feel good enough! Does this sounds familiar to you?

When I recognized what was driving me and realized how damaging this was to my life, I was determined to change it. I had to start working on loving myself unconditionally.  When I first began to find peace inside of me, I realized I lost my negative drive, but did not quiet hit home, since it simply just meant I had no drive at all.

I wanted to have positive motivation, that came from loving myself. I felt paralyzed in my mind, being at crossroads where I felt lost.

That all changed when I attended a seminar with Tony Robbins. He was telling a story about a basketball player named Julius Irving. He quoted him: “I demand more of myself than anyone else could ever expect” That was my “aha” moment! I got it! That is it! That is my motivation!

 I demand more because I can do it! I can be a better version of me, because I know there is so much more in me than what I show to the world!  I did not label myself by my current state, I did not hate it, but it did make me angry not living up to my full potential. It gave me the drive then, and that is what still gets me fired up today, and it keeps me going!  And it keeps me happy, because I don’t feel not  good enough! I love who I am, but I know I can do better, because there is so much more inside of me, so I just keep digging, keep pushing, keep smiling and keep loving!


Demand more from yourself not because you are not good enough, but because YOU CAN!