What do you feel when you hear the word "dieting"? | Ava Kyte-Weight Loss Expert For Women | Ava Kyte-Weight Loss Expert For Women

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What do you feel when you hear the word “dieting”?

Do you feel frustrated, anxious, excited, challenged in a positive-way or discouraged?

Before you start a weight loss program, think about the feelings you associate with dieting or losing weight.  The feeling that you attach to certain things can determine your end results. If dieting or losing weight equals lots of pain and sacrifice how likely are you willing to do it? Using pure willpower is just not going to get you far enough in this process.  But what could you do to change that?Here is what I do with my clients;  when it is about changing eating habits, I make sure they are really clear about how unhealthy vs healthy foods effect their energy level, stamina, body and mood. I ask them to record how they feel after the meals they eat. That will bring them awareness and understanding to their own body.  This always helps a lot! I have never met anyone who told me that an unhealthy meal gave them more energy than a well balanced one. I also try to give people as much info as needed to create more positive references to healthy eating. Understanding what gives each person energy and vitality instead of being someone who just tells them what to eat, is a huge part of my success. It brings such great results, because the source of decision making comes from within and not from external sources.  I am only guiding them on the path which leaves everyone with tremendous power and understanding for themselves. I am there to guide, making sure we are headed the right direction, but the individual always remains in charge and therefore they grow internally in enormous ways.

Most of us are constantly looking for advice from the outside world and try to follow different meal plans of which none can truly be applied to a general population. The key thing is to recognize individuality, therefore not a single program will work for everyone without at least some flexibility. Wonder why we are not getting the results we want? We need to use a different strategy for lasting change.  If you listen to your inner guidance, making the right food choices becomes the most natural thing there is!

How does the word “dieting” sounds to you right now?  Can you change the feelings you associate to it? Share your experience with everyone right here on my blog.