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Self Care Movement

Learn to Embrace Yourself: The Self Care Movement

Self-care Movement: Learn How to Embrace Yourself!

My inspiration to start self care movement came from my own life experience. Self-care does not come easily to me, and I realized that if I don’t own something fully and truly, I can’t teach it. wholeheartedly All my programs are centered around helping women connect to their needs. I teach them about self-care and how to regain balance and inner peace in their lives, how to become healthy and fit from a loving and kind place. I educate them about how to be graceful and gracious and embrace themselves as they are, and I teach them they don’t need to change anything about themselves to feel loved. Self-care fills our emptiness and disconnection from within.

I believe

…nothing is more beautiful when a woman owns herself…

and that doing anything from this place of acceptance will bring joy not only to the person who practices self-care but to everyone else too. When someone is filled with joy and poise, they project and spread that joy throughout the world.

I found it important to learn how to take care of myself because when I do, I take full responsibility for my own life; I take the pressure off the world. I’m not needy or demanding. I have an easy time just letting the world be and not expecting life to work my way only. I feel safe when I know I can count on myself or trust myself. I have an easier time removing myself from unhealthy situations, and then I can cultivate only healthy relationships. When I take care of myself, I don’t NEED anyone to do that for me. I’m free and I can form relationships and friendships without any personal agenda, or expectations. In this state of mind, I lead my life with my heart and my values. I will naturally connect to people who are the same as I am, and we can create something amazing and big not from a needy space but from a personal choice. I can give from my heart not to get anything back but freely. Also, I can receive the love that others give me freely.

I used to think that when I cared for myself I had to do something, like getting a pedicure or buying a dress. But that isn’t what I call self-care anymore. Self-care is not about doing although it finds expression through words and actions.

  • Self-care is when I care about my own true needs, and I stand by them.
  • I embrace every part of me at the moment as it is I live my life by what my heart desires
  • …when I stop the self-abuse and stop giving up myself to please everyone around me.
  • It is a life I live on my own terms and by fully embracing who I am.
  • Self-care is empowering; it’s also peaceful because I’m truthful to myself.

A lot of people would argue that it’s selfish, self-centered, or narcissistic for someone to care for herself. To some degree it is self-centered, but we are the center of our own universes. We live life from our own perspective, our own center with our own worldview and perceptions, so it can’t be anything else.

The question is what do we radiate from this self-centered place. Is it something loving and kind? Is it something inspiring? Is it something that creates growth, or does it degrade and dishonor life? Which is a more self-centered approach: a relationship that fills a need or one we choose because it is truly joyful?

Also, narcissists don’t truly love themselves; they need admiration and attention from everyone else to feel whole and powerful. Narcissism doesn’t come from a loving place; it comes fear.

So as you can see, I think self-care is a necessity, and life is not wholesome without it.

From this moment on, I’m making self-care a big part of my life.

  • I’m taking an oath, as I begin this movement, that I will live my life from my heart.
  • I will live my life from my own truth.
  • I open my heart for myself and embrace who I am.

As I walk on this path, I will share my journey with you. I will share my lessons, my joy, my challenges with it. I will share how I express myself my heart and how I care for myself through my life, by eating, exercising, and just simply living and existing. I will share how this change in my perception shifts my life, how it affects my environment and how it affects the world.

I would love you to join me on this journey and share your thoughts, challenges, joy, curiosity, awakening with me and with those who are part of this movement. Share with us what your heart desires and ask for help and support if you need it.
You can share your story on the Facebook group share your story by commenting on the website under the blogs to follow,  or by email @avakyte@avakyte.com.

I would love to walk on this path with you and hear from you!

Live from your heart, because -ONLY- life lived from the heart is a life worth living!