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Benefits of Working with Me

“Once I stopped thinking of myself and actually LISTENED to your message, with my heart AND my mind…I could make the changes you were encouraging.  I feel renewed and hopeful, and it’s not just about my weight – it’s about my whole life.” ~Joyce F.

Do you want to lose weight? Live healthier? Feel confident and sexy? Do you want abundant energy so you can conquer the world? Are you ready to have the relationship of your life? Do you want to be sharper for your job and have energy left for your family and partner? Are you ready to live a more fulfilled life?

Please think about this –  will an exercise regimen, dieting or supplements give you these results?  Honestly, I highly doubt it.  And you might be having some doubts, too.


Do you feel like you have tried everything and are still dealing with the same issues? Why are you at this place in your life right now?  Where is the disconnect?


I believe that starting an exercise regimen and/or diet program without really investigating and understanding how you got to where you are will most likely result in failure. That’s the reason there are so many people in the world with weight problems. There are so many people constantly struggling to find the weight loss solution, feeling frustrated and unhappy. They are not trying to find the cause, they’re just trying to treat the symptom. The real problem sticks around, and the relief they achieve (if any) is fleeting.

If you are one of these people, I feel your frustration.
I can totally relate to you, because most of my life I was struggling with the same issue. I was over exercising, obsessively dieting, and was disconnected from my true self, from my body. When I did not get the results I wanted, I just trained harder and ate even less. Then my life circumstances forced me to face the real problems with my lifestyle and my beliefs. I had to start investigating and working on myself on a much deeper level to find balance, abundant energy and bliss in my life!


Most of us are looking for direction from the outside.


We want someone to tell us what to do, what to eat and how to exercise, which completely disconnects us from our real needs and our true self. That’s why there are so many diet books out there, but so few success stories. When you are not successful, you feel there is something wrong with you, don’t you?

There is nothing wrong with you!  You just need to start being you.  We live life trying to fit into society’s expectations of us, but who are we really? What if I told you that if you truly connected to yourself and took the opportunity to live the life you dream of, if you had the courage to embrace yourself, your needs and your feelings the end result would be a happy, fit, healthy YOU with so much energy for life?


The only thing you need to do is to be yourself!!  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?


Your struggle with your weight could be the biggest blessing in your life. This will force you to go on a journey that many won’t choose to go on. This is your time to discover yourself, to find out about the needs you don’t even know you have.  To learn to live a self-approved life, not the life others choose you to live!

Here is what will you learn on this journey:

  • You will learn how to take care of your physical body, how to train, what to eat, what gives you energy, vitality… You will learn to listen to your body, to hear and follow what it tells you.
  • You will learn how to take care of your emotional body, too – how to deal with emotions like fear, anxiety and love. You will learn to become aware of your emotions, to allow yourself to feel and work through them, instead of denying them.
  • You will also learn how to take care of your spirit, to find what makes you happy, free, creative and loving. What brings peace and bliss into your life? What makes you feel content and centered?


While you are proceeding on this journey a whole new life will blossom in front of your eyes. You will explore yourself in a whole new way.


When you start dealing with parts of your life that you’ve been ignoring, many changes will occur. YOU will achieve your dream body, you will be happier, stronger, more balanced. You will become a more loving being!  Because you are connected to yourself, you will be more connected to others. Your relationships will transform around you, and your life will transform.


There is only one question that remains:  Are you willing to do the work?


In our society we seek instant gratification. We don’t even want to hear the word “work”. We want everything to show up the second we think of it. This is not what I’m promising you here. You might be someone who will shift dramatically immediately, or you could be one who needs more time. I am not guaranteeing instant results (though that has happened for many of my clients.) What I am promising is that when you are open and ready to do the work, that you will get REAL RESULTS!


My goal is to bring awareness and light into your life, making you so strong in your true being, within your true self, that nothing can break you!


You won’t be looking for gratification or fulfillment from the world around you, because you will feel content from within.I find this program so important for all areas of your growth and finding peace in your lives, within yourself, and in your body, so you can finally live the life you are here to live. I put programs together that can reach people from all different backgrounds and financial levels. I’m creating webinars, tele-seminars and meet-ups that are more affordable. I am available for phone/Skype consultation or private one- on-one sessions. 10 – 20 session packages and monthly packages are available. Please check out the following services I currently have to offer. Email me if you need more information at I offer a free 30-minute phone consultations. Please email me to make an appointment.

I am looking forward to connecting with you!