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Ava Reveals -Fitness Trainer-Yogi-Mentor

avakyte-website-standing“Anybody who works with you will come out of the relationship empowered, enabled, confirmed and validated.  That is what you do and who you are.  You can’t help yourself!!  The lives you touch are changed forever.” ~Joyce F.

My name is Ava Kyte I am a mentor, fitness trainer, and author who helps people stop struggling with weight loss and start succeeding so they can live life in bliss!

Have you been going through so much struggle trying to reach your weight loss goal that it is literally paralyzing your life?

You may be feeling like you have tried everything. You actually might have! You’ve followed many diet programs step-by-step or you’ve been exercising regularly but you just aren’t getting the results you’re looking for.

I struggled too. I was so sick of not getting results, being overwhelmed by negative thoughts and not feeling energized.

Most of my life I went through so much struggle with my body and my self-image. I did not just hate my body, but when I was 32 years old I realized that I resented every single part of my being. I have lived my life with this resentment and every single decision I made and action I took was filtered through this base feeling. Most of the time I numbed myself trying to stay protected from my unhealthy mind and thoughts.

I realized that most of my life I was trying to make myself feel better by looking better. 

It took me a lot of work, reading, soul searching, and self-discovery to get where I am today. On my journey I met many other women and men who were dealing with the same problems. Thinking that looking better will change their lives.

What is really keeping you from reaching your goal? 

I became a trainer first to find a solution for myself, but seeing other people struggling made me realize that I was not the problem, the approach was. Exercising obsessively and dieting obsessively is not the solution.

Your emotional blueprint – the one that you function from – needs to change in order to make permanent changes in your life. 

So I have developed a unique program. I guide my clients through a journey. In it you will:

  • Get to know yourself 
  • Understand your behavior 
  • Discover what drives your daily actions
  • Grow your self-awareness, self-worth, and self-love 
  • Learn to forgive and have compassion
  • Listen to your body
  • Trust your intuition
  • Live fully connected to yourself

My mission is to help you live life in bliss and peace. 

I decided to put a program together that isn’t about point-by-point instructions, but instead I guide each person on a journey of self-discovery. We dig deep so we are able to get rid of all the emotional blocks that are literally weighting you down. In this program you are getting to know yourself – who you really are, what makes you happy and feel good.  You fall in love with yourself over and over again. You finally find peace amongst all the challenges in your life. You get to a place where you find happiness, balance, and health.  A place where you make conscious decisions, and you are no longer controlled by your old beliefs or past experiences. I will take you to a place where life is nothing less then extraordinary.

It is time to become the LEADER in your life. Are you ready?

“You believe in people and you teach people to believe in themselves.” ~Lucy K.