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  • How to Lose Weight with Ease?May 23rd, 2017

    How to lose weight with ease?
    Today’s topic is for you if you’re someone who is unsuccessful at weight loss. Or maybe you have a hard time keeping the weight off.

  • Ava-Trainer;Yogi;Mentor

    Ava Kyte is a fitness trainer, yogi, and mentor for those who want to embrace conscious living. As a former competitive tennis player, she has more than 20 years of experience in training and coaching. Ava has a deep passion for encouraging people to reach their fullest potential. She not only helps clients with physical training but also coaches them on how to deal with the mental and emotional challenges that come with creating change in their lives and lifestyle, losing weight, or managing weight.

    Ava, now offers group classes – Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Class; Elevate- Full Body Workout w/Relaxation; Elevate- Mommy and Me Classes- besides private coaching and training.  The classes are held in studios in Hoboken NJ, and New York. Sign up for the newsletter for more information about the classes or email Ava at if you have any question.




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